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Meet The Therapists

Here at Salix Health And WellBeing ,we are very excited.Not only do we offer Medical Herbalism, Naturopathy and Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear Candling) , we also now have on board some amazing therapists.

Pete Bateman specialises in Hypnotherapy and is hugely successful with stop smoking therapy, phobias and fears and Hypno bands for weight loss. He also uses NLP and Regression.

Sue Frampton from Sue Frampton Coaching also uses Hypnotherapy and NLP but has enormous success using Havening Technique.As one of her clients stated"Sue has a very natural ability of making you feel safe. It’s just a simple touch of the hands, upper arms and face. Before long, I was feeling so much better and could physically feel the weight being lifted from my shoulders.”

Debbie Sutton is a Registered Dietician who has over 30 years experience working in clinical settings and offers a common sense approach to achieving a nutritionally complete, well balanced diet as well as weight management strategies and helping the frail and fragile who struggle to enjoy eating.

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