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Naturopathic Medical Herbalism

Did you know we are not just a shop? Our in house practitioner Karen Morton MAMH is a certified Naturopathic Medical Herbalist. She is available for consultations to help alleviate any illnesses or ailments you may suffer from. The first consultation lasts up to 1 hour 15 minutes to enable an in depth medical history to be taken. Following a consultation you may be prescribed herbal medicines and/or supplements. We will also book you in for a follow up consultation.

Naturopaths believe in treating the "whole person" and emphasise preventative care. They often recommend changes in diet and lifestyle to enhance the health of their patients. They consider health to be not just the absence of disease but complete physical, social and mental wellbeing. Naturopathic Practitioners often say that diseases must be healed not just by suppressing symptoms, but by rooting out the true cause. Symptoms are actually viewed as the body's natural efforts to heal itself and restore balance. Naturopathic medicine modalities include a variety of healing treatments, such as Diet and Clinical Nutrition, Homeopathy, Botanical medicine, Soft Tissue and Spinal Manipulation, Iridology, and Acupuncture.

To book a consultation with Karen please phone the shop on 023 9286 2925. 1st consultation - 1hr 15 mins -£65 Follow up - 30 mins - £45

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