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Thinking of doing some baking this bank holiday weekend? We have a range of baking alternatives, including buckwheat flour, carob powder and almond milk, to help kick your cakes up a notch 👌

Treat yourself

It's nearly the weekend and we've just had a delivery of guilt-free snacks. That's perfect timing if you ask me. Why not pop in for a little Friday afternoon pick-me-up. Treat yourself to some yummy raw chocolate, gluten free cookies or maybe some vegetarian marshmallows. And not forgetting our canine friends, we have tasty treats for them too!

Pukka Green Teas

What a lovely sunny morning, why not put a spring in your step with some of our Matcha Green Teas. They're on special offer at the moment, 2 for £4 ☺

Shop Opening

Well we made it and finally opened our doors on 21st April 2016. It was lovely to meet some of our new neighbours

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