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Kombucha And Raw Chocolate, we're in Love!

Last week we had a visit from a new supplier “Balanced Nature” and agreed to trial two of their products, Kombucha and Raw Chocolate.

Raw Chocolate

Well, we were absolutely blown away, the Chocolate, which comes in two sizes and two flavours is hand-made from Organic, raw unroasted Cacao beans. It is sweetened with Coconut Sugar and a dash of Raw Cacao butter is added, that’s just three ingredients to make their wonderful “Intense Dark” chocolate.

Their “Dark with Maca” contains both Black and Red Maca, which legend has it, Incan warriors used to consume before battle to increase their prowess.


Kombucha is a light, slightly fizzy and tart refreshing healthy drink that is made from fermenting Green Tea. As it is a naturally fermented food, it is full of natural probiotics which research shows is beneficial for the digestion * **

With the Organic Soil Association and Vegan stamps of approval, it is naturally gluten and dairy free, in a recyclable glass bottle it’s lid is BPA-free.

Balanced Nature make theirs by hand from an age-old process ensuring the maximum benefits and a footprint that you can trust…

The Kombucha comes in five different flavours and two sizes: 330ml and 750ml.

Sencha is the original Green Tea Kombucha and has all the delicate sweet-and-sour notes that you would expect from Kombucha.

Jasmine Green Tea has the subtle aroma and taste of Jasmine Tea combined with the stunning qualities of Kombucha. A very delicate combination which transports you to dreams of the Far East.

Linden Green Tea combines the healing properties of Linden Flowers which are popular all over the world, to create a soothing, nurturing drink.

Lemongrass Green Tea refreshes and awakens your senses but also relaxes when sipped of an evening.

Pu Erh This fully fermented tea is harvested by hand in China’s Yunnan Province and is well known in Chinese Medicine for providing an energy boost and giving an overall feeling of wellness.

Why not pop into the Salix Health and WellBeing and buy some of these amazing products to try for yourself, we're sure you're going to love them too.

References *Saavedra, J., & Tschernia, A. (2002). Human studies with probiotics and prebiotics: clinical implications. British Journal of Nutrition, S241–S246.

**Parvez, S., Malik, K., Ah Kang, S., & Kim, H. -Y. (2006). Probiotics and their fermented food products are beneficial for health. Journal of Applied Microbiology, 1171–1185.

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