Emma McGuire MA (Hons), RSHom, CEASE Therapist

Homeopath and CEASE Therapist.

Homeopathy is a wonderfully gentle and safe way to relieve a multitude of symptoms and ailments. It is a holistic form of natural medicine which takes into account the mind, emotions and body and treatment is tailored to the individual.

I graduated as a classical homoeopath in 2010 from the School of Homeopathy (UK) and went on to become a certified CEASE therapist (2011) and more recently a supervisor for students wishing to complete their clinical supervision (2015).

CEASE therapy was developed as a means of helping those with behavioural and learning difficulties by detoxing the body of chemicals and heavy metals through homoeopathic remedies and orthomolecular support. The majority of my CEASE patients are children on the autistic spectrum but CEASE therapy can help a wide variety of health conditions. I have had patients who have used CEASE therapy successfully to deal with side effects of medication/vaccination, dyslexia/dyscalculia, retained reflexes, lazy eye, candidiasis, food allergies/sensitivities and digestive disorders amongst many other things.